When a woman with incredible empathic powers collides with the most dangerous being, sparks fly.

Kathryn Ann Kingsley paints a beautiful, gothic tale of deadly forces and wicked love. I was enthralled by her prose and beautiful storytelling. From the moment our main characters met, I was caught in a battle of “should she?” and “yes, please”. 

There were moments where I held my breath and hoped that their romance would not take a horrible turn with sexual assault, and I was right to be hopeful. Although dark, their relationship is consensual, albeit twisted, which I can tolerate. Even though I am an advocate for healthy relationships, this does not claim to have such a narrative. The author acknowledges that Dracula is the “bad guy” and so Maxine’s inner struggle to accept or reject him is fascinating. 

Overall, I enjoyed myself thoroughly and wish to read the sequel. 

Note: There are sexual themes and scenes in this book. It is not a “clean” read.

Rating: 5/5

Favorite Quote

“You were wrong, earlier. You are dangerous, Miss Parker. Very dangerous.” His voice was still a quiet whisper. When she looked up to him, she expected to see anger in his eyes. But what there was instead was grief. Grief, and hope, and the knowledge that it would surely die. The expression of a man who knew tragedy was to come and that it was unavoidable. “I should kill you now for the threat you bring me.”

Book Blurb

Boston, 1897.

Death comes to the city heralded by a crimson moon and screams in the night. The Vampire King has come to claim the city, unless he can be stopped…

Maxine Parker has lived a solitary life. Not because she wishes to, but because she has no choice. Her empathic ability has rendered it impossible for her to touch anyone without killing them.

But as she is thrust into the middle of a war between the enigmatic and alluring Vampire King and three stalwart hunters, she learns she cannot kill what is already dead.

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