Growing up in a single-parent home, I did not have the luxury to collect a lot of items. However, I was privileged and blessed to have grandparents to spoil me rotten. My grandma Carter made sure that my siblings and I had gotten plenty of toys for birthdays and Christmas. One toy in particular is going to bring millennials way back:

That’s right.

Polly Pocket

I had the same exact set as the one shown above.

These toys brought me so much life as a child. Even though I loved my precious Barbies, these bad boys felt like I was entering a new stage of “cool”. I would play with these every day and act out romance stories that could rival a telenovela.

The drama could get real.

And the cars?

I was in heaven.

Even so, those little plastic shoes got in every nook and cranny. The clothes often ripped apart but, I was always so excited to have more. By the end, I think I had two boxes filled to the brim with these guys.

I suppose you could say that Polly Pocket influenced who I am today. Playing with my sister and acting out scenes of “Cinderella” or “Sleeping Beauty” has inspired me to write my own fairytales.

Despite the choking hazard, I hope to one day pass these along to my children when they are old enough. And who knows?

Maybe they will turn into little writers too.

What did you collect as a child?

If you want to join in on the prompt or see what others have to say, follow this link.

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